Top Reasons Why ISAs Do Not Hit Goals

Avoid These 3 Common Pitfalls Before You Hire An ISA

When you hired an in-house ISA, you thought you were gaining the bandwidth to increase your listings and close more deals. 

Unfortunately, you spent the bulk of your time training your new ISA, monitoring their workflow, fixing their mistakes, and focusing on their performance before they ultimately failed. They’re out of a job, and you’re out of an ISA. Again. 

Frustrating, is it not? 

Making the right hire for an in-house ISA is difficult. There are multiple factors at play, and you’re already trying to spend less time troubleshooting, so you have more time to grow your real estate practice. 

At Phone Animal, we’ve helped thousands of agents transition from in-house ISA teams to our outsource teams of highly trained ISAs. Along the way, we’ve picked up on the common reasons ISAs fail. So, whether you schedule a demo with Phone Animal or not, we wanted to help you avoid the pitfalls along the path to failure. 

Next time you hire an in-house ISA, avoid these 3 common pitfalls and set yourself and your team up for success! 

  1. Forgo Self Evaluation 

You’re a real estate agent, not a management consultant or recruiting expert. Too many agents believe they can make an excellent hire because of their high emotional IQ, charisma, and ability to read people. 

Those skills can sell houses, but they don’t translate into “hiring guru.” 

Before you hire an ISA, set them up for success by setting yourself up for success! Read a few leadership books and take a training course on hiring. It will take time on the front end but save loads of time on the backend (not to mention help you make more money) because once you put somebody on the sales floor, it’s far more likely that they’re the right person. 

And the right people don’t fail. 

  1. Don’t Set Expectations. 

Unsaid expectations are unmet expectations. 

Set expectations early and often. 

There are a million corny ways to say it, but it’s true! ISAs are prone to fail when they don’t have a clear vision and definition of what success in their role is like. When they opt to dial at will and figure things out independently, it seldom goes well. For you, for your real estate practice, or them. 

Once you hire an ISA, map out your expectations as clearly as possible from day 1. When you prioritize setting expectations, you paint a picture of success and a picture of failure. 

A decent ISA should know which one to avoid. 

  1. Disregard Hard Skills 

Being an ISA who can rip dials all day, foster relationships, and generate warm seller leads consistently is a skill! ISAs fail because they lack the necessary hard skills required to get the job done. 

More often than not, real estate agents will overlook hard skills, hire an ISA because they’re a great culture fit, then spend months wishing they could go back and avoid their mistake. Avoid the error from the jump and do the hard work of testing a candidate’s hard skills. 

The ISAs destined for failure will thank you for it, and your list of homeowners ready to sell will grow because of it. 

Bonus #4. 

If you’re looking to hire an ISA, congratulations! You’ve made it to that pivotal point in a real estate career when agents can no longer lone wolf it if they want to sell more houses and make more money. You’ve also reached the crucial point in a real estate career when one second spent away from potential clients and current listings can spoil the whole operation. 

Expedite the process by scheduling a demo with Phone Animal. Our highly skilled teams of dedicated ISAs have a proven track record of success and can help you avoid the ISA failure fiasco before it begins. 

All while freeing up your time and growing your business with warm leads ready to sell.