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Our Story

“I realized that in order to scale my real estate business, I needed to leverage a team of dedicated inside sales professionals to help me find my next listing for me.” - Tim Heyl, Founder

After beginning his career as a real estate agent in 2009, Tim Heyl quickly realized that the long transaction cycle that comes with working with a client to buy or list their home meant that he needed to be constantly identifying future clients if he was going to scale his business in a meaningful way. With this mindset, Tim began personally cold calling homeowners every day to find nurtures. Using this method, Tim grew his real estate business by 400% in less than two years, from 18 transactions to 60 transactions to 130 transactions.  When he discovered how successful this method was, he hired and trained a team of professionals to help him with his outbound prospecting. This was the birth of Phone Animal. Partner with us to grow your real estate business today.

Our Team

Tim Heyl


JP Wells


Andrew Cavazos


Zach Stanke

Director of Customer Success

Matt Gandy

Director of Sales

Ben Bernthal

Customer Success

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Customer Success

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