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We find and screen home owners who want to sell.

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Inc. 5000
Fastest Growing
80,000 nurtures
14,000 listings

Save Time

We make thousands of calls to homeowners to find the motivated sellers.

America's Best ISA company for real estate leads

List to Last

Sellers give you leverage while showing homes spreads you thin.

High ROI

Consistent screened seller nurtures generated and delivered to you for easy follow up and conversion.

All in One

We provide the ISA talent, the data, and the dialer to give you the best hands off experience!

How it works

Instead of cold calling thousands of people, hiring Phone Animal allows you to spend more time with qualified potential clients and current clients.

Focus on building the parts of your business that you ACTUALLY enjoy!

How to Improve your real estate cold calling
Phone Animal delivers sellers!
Averages based on customers in all markets.
Seller nurtures connected to agents
20 avg.
Screened seller nurtures per month
1 of 10
Seller nurtures list their house within 1 year
6 months
Average time from nurture to listing
2 avg.
Listings per month

Turnkey Listing Solution

PA provides the ISAs

PA provides the data

PA provides the scripting

PA provides the dialer

What’s a Nurture?

Clear motivation

We make thousands of calls to homeowners to find the motivated sellers

12 Month time-frame

Looking to sell in 12 months or sooner

No other realtor

Only working with you

Follow up date

Scheduled and confirmed by our agents

Up-to-date contact

Accurate info, confirmed by our agents

How we compare

Lead gen specialist
Seller focused
Screened, qualified nurtures
Consistent seller pipeline
Dialer and Data included
Trained & managed ISAs
Integrate with your systems
Phone Animal Logo| America's favorite ISA company for real estate leads
Virtual assistant companies
Lead conversion service
Do it yourself

What’s the ROI?

The average Phone Animal customer gains 21 listing opportunities their first year and 36 listing opportunities year 2+
at 6 months
at 12 months
at 18 months
If you only close 50% those turn into...
Results based on average Phone Animal customer performance across all markets.

Leveraged by the best in the business.

Success Stories

“Phone Animal has added over 330 qualified sellers to my pipeline in the past 12 months alone! Phone Animal has made a tremendous impact on my team's business and, frankly, is a no-brainer. It is consistent and quality SELLER nurtures for our pipeline that has led to a steady stream of closed deals!”

Jason M., Seattle, WA

"$11.7 million in total volume that is either on the market or under contract from Phone Animal nurtures resulting in roughly $350k in GCI! This is a huge year for my team and Phone Animal has been and will be a massive part of our success."

Dustin K., Atlanta, GA

"Phone Animal has changed my business. I am so happy with the results, my ISA, and the entire team!"

Kristi P., Austin, TX

Chris has signed listing agreements and is working on closing over $5 million in total volume from Phone Animal nurtures currently. “If you are looking for consistent listings in your pipeline, then call Phone Animal now!”

Chris A., Virginia

"Phone Animal has been an incredible partner for over a year now. We rely on them to convert our incoming inbound leads at a high rate while ensuring our customers have a great experience. They knock it out of the park in both of those areas. They are professional, highly responsive to problems / questions, and truly feel like our lead generation and conversion partner. We have our ISAs converting over 40-50 qualified buyers / month each. They work the incoming leads fast and don't give up!"

Richard G., Dallas, TX

"Phone Animal has been instrumental in our team's success from the first day we hired them. We have consistent and predictable seller nurtures that are added to our database daily! The experience with Phone Animal has been a 5 star experience. If something is wrong or I have a question, then my Customer Success team is available to get it resolved or to jump on a call with me immediately. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a listing focused lead generation source."

Melissa W., Denver, CO

“I’ve been with Phone Animal almost 3 years and can absolutely attest to the value of consistently adding and nurturing seller leads to my database. Over time this has led to a steady flow of clients and sales. So far this year I have 8 clients taken, $3.3M in sales volume closed/pending and another $1.1M listed. My only regret is not working with Phone Animal sooner.”

Bob S., Atlanta, TX
Owner of The North Group

“As I was expanding my team into a new market, I knew we needed quality nurtures to be successful. When my agents were struggling to consistently call and qualify leads while balancing showings and closings, I knew we had to make a change. Phone Animal was the perfect solution.

My partnership with Phone Animal has lasted for over 4 years, and they have consistently averaged 20+ quality nurtures per month for my team throughout that time. Thanks to Phone Animal, my agents are able to focus their time on showings and closings while not worrying about where the next seller deal will come from.”

Cameron W., Midland, TX
Owner of Haus Property Group