Spend less time calling & more time closing

Instead of cold calling thousands of people, hiring Phone Animal allows you to spend more time with qualified potential clients and current clients. Focus on building the parts of your business that you ACTUALLY enjoy!

Our Customer Success team onboards you.

Build out 5 Pillars of Success
Customer success works with you to build the right foundation so you have the most success with our screened seller nurtures.  We take you through scripting, systems, the handoff process, reporting, and ongoing communication!

Choose your area
We work with you to help highlight zip codes and neighborhoods with higher than 7% turnover rate so that we are calling in areas that will generate you the most screened seller nurtures.  We’ve built our own internal quality data to help ensure we are calling on accurate information for your specific area.

Meet your team of ISAs
Our ISAs are pre-screened and vetted so you are only working proven talent.  Your curated team of ISAs will become an extension of your business.

Receive screened seller nurtures.

We start outbound prospecting aka Cold Calling!
Once your team of ISAs start to call your selected areas, we will screen hundreds of homeowners monthly to find you the ones who hit all of our criteria for a nurture.

Nurtures input straight into your CRM
Don’t worry about being bombarded by another piece of technology. Your ISAs integrate in your systems which allows us to input your screened seller nurtures directly into your CRM. Each nurture comes with detailed notes and the call recording so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Take listings.

Increase your listing count!
Each of our screened seller nurtures have agreed to have you follow up with them so you can stay on top of their situation and close for an appointment when it makes sense.  83% of homeowners sign with the first agent that they meet with, and we are getting you in front of these leads months before they are ready to make the move which stacks the odds in your favor!

Phone Animal delivers sellers!
Averages based on customers in all markets.
Seller nurtures connected to agents
25 avg.
Screened seller nurtures per month
1 of 8
Seller nurtures list their house within 1 year
6 months
Average time from nurture to listing
3 avg.
Listings per month

How we compare

Lead gen specialist
Seller focused
Screened, qualified nurtures
Consistent seller pipeline
100% compliant dialer & data
Trained & managed ISAs
Integrate with your systems
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