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Why Join Phone Animal?


Work from Home

Make a living at the comfort of your own home. Convert your travel time into family time and work anywhere in the world with the your computer and a stable internet connection


Competitive Pay

Earn twofold than a regular BPO basic salary, plus bonuses,  incentives, and paid time off


Career Growth

Grow with our expanding team of supportive leaders and great talents



We value work-life balance and find ways to make remote work fun!
We support each other in reaching our goals and celebrate individual and team successes!


"Competitive salary has been a top priority when searching for jobs, and Phone Animal has provided me that and more than enough for my family. I’ve been with the company for more than 4 years now and by God's grace, I was able to purchase my first car and have more for my investments!

I enjoy paid time offs and holidays without worrying about my bills when I return. I also get bonuses for meeting my monthly goals, as well as appreciation bonus from my client.

I can proudly say that Phone Animal got me out of living paycheck to paycheck."

Keith Andrea Montiero

"What I appreciate most about Phone Animal is the working environment and great culture! For someone who is new to this industry, it was hard to imagine building strong relationships with my workmates since everything is remote. I thought since it’s online, no one would be willing to reach out and connect except for work related tasks. But I was wrong! From training until my team endorsement, I never felt left out. Everyone was welcoming and genuine, you'd feel as if you've known them for a long time. From the President, to management, and all the ISAs, everyone's vibe is so positive and contagious! It will encourage you to showcase your work skills and always perform to your highest level."

Bryan Keith San Agustin
Supports Career growth

"My career growth was not brought by mere skill and luck. There was a strong influence and support from the Leadership Team who listens with an open mind, welcomes feedback, and values your opinion. They want to help you grow not just professionally but also cares about your personal growth.

I feel more focused and productive without the 4 hours travel time to and from the office. With the ongoing pandemic, it has been such a blessing to work from home and spend more time on what gives me energy - my family.

I get to enjoy all of this here at Phone Animal! There are a lot of opportunities waiting for everyone!"

Miriam Claire Temblor