3 Subtle Listing Meeting Tactics That Make A HUGE Difference

Boost your confidence and your close rate with these subtle meeting tactics.

As a real estate sales agent, how you conduct yourself throughout a listing meeting can make or break the deal. You’ve done the hard work of marketing yourself and getting in the door (literally). Now the dotted line is a handshake and a smile away! 

But if your posture seems uninterested, the homeowner loses interest in you. 

If you talk too fast, the homeowner feels overwhelmed and starts having second thoughts. 

If you show up late, the homeowner will wonder how organized you really are. 

Many subtleties can put you on the fast track to gaining or losing a listing in real estate! So before your next listing meeting, focus on these easy-to-implement tactics, and see why other agents use little things like this to make a huge difference.

  1. Listen, listen, listen!  

Homeowners don’t want to be told how much their house is worth, what the current market projections look like, or hear how many houses in the neighborhood you’ve already sold. 

They want to be heard. 

Selling a house is exciting, but it’s also intimidating. Your potential clients are bound to have questions and anxieties on the brink of spilling over. 

Give them the space to pour it all out. Listen to their concerns, their complaints, and their ideal closing scenarios. They’ll give you a clear picture of what they want out of selling their home and the agent they use to make it happen --- before you ask a single question! 

Save your pitch until the end of the meeting so you can tailor it to the homeowner’s personality and needs. 

Suddenly they’ll want to list with you; the agent who listened intently fielded all of their questions and created a plan aligned with their vision. 

  1. Care, but don’t!

Insecurity has a foul stench, and homeowners will get a whiff of it as soon as you come through the door. 

Care enough to conduct yourself and the listing meeting with excellence, but not so much that you have a vice grip on getting the listing. You can control the headspace you’re in when the meeting starts, but you have no control over the homeowners and how they’ll respond to your pitch. 

So don’t try to control them! Desperation will distract you throughout the meeting and degrade your confidence. 

And homeowners want to work with agents who carry themselves like they’ve done the job before! The more you grab and beg for their listing, the less likely they will give it to you.

You earned the meeting. Act like you were supposed to all along! 

  1. Bring A Handwritten Thank You Note! 

Custom marketing materials can wow your potential clients and go a long way in building rapport. And they don’t have to be outrageous and innovative to be effective. 

Show up to the listing meeting with a handwritten thank you note for the homeowners. They’ve been fielding dozens, if not hundreds, of cold messages, calls, and mailers from agents all over town, and they chose to schedule a meeting with you. 

So say thank you! 

Plus, they’ve taken the time out of their day to invite you into their lives, discuss the vision they have for selling their home, and give you a glimpse into who they are. You’ve done the work to get the meeting, but they’re the ones giving you the chance to close. 

If you walk away from the listing meeting without an official agreement to work together, your handwritten note could be the difference between a final yes or no!   

What’s the age-old saying? It’s the little things.

It may seem cliche and cheesy, but it’s true. During your next listing meeting, use all three of these subtle meeting tactics and witness the massive difference they make.