The Best Proptech On The Market. The 3 You Need To Know Now.

It’s the new buzzword. PropTech is coming and is about to disrupt the real estate industry. But what exactly is PropTech? Why has it been such a news item lately? What does PropTech mean for real estate professionals? Who will be affected? What are the issues at stake? Between automatization and uberisation, PropTech is both threatening and promising. Here are the platforms you need to know.

Sales agents have been using PropTech for years, our social distance reality has accelerated an agent’s need for sophisticated technology in order to build listings and remain competitive. 

But it’s difficult to know which PropTech companies will take your real estate practice to the next level and which companies are far too robust to manage or flat out useless. You need technology that enhances your client’s experience and can help you sell more houses, but it’s hard to sift through all of the vague promises most PropTech companies make: 

“Ready, set, sell more!” 

“Unlock property intelligence!” 

“360-degree tours for a 360-degree life!”

While we cannot disclose which companies those one-liners came from, we can tell you not to worry. Before you start anxiously searching and demoing PropTech tools you feel pressured into buying just to keep up, rest easy! At Phone Animal, we’ve already done the hard work for you by distilling down a list of the 3 most useful PropTech tools for sales agents in 2021 and beyond. 

Read through the list, visit the websites, and start using PropTech guaranteed to benefit your real estate practice. 

1. CloudPano

COVID-19 has made virtual tours a necessity for sales agents hoping to sell any homes at all. 

As recently as 5 years ago filming anything in 360-degree virtual reality required equipment sold at astronomical prices. Today CloudPano makes it easy and affordable for sales agents across the nation. 

For a $10 monthly fee agents can use their mobile phones to take panoramic videos of their listings, upload them to their CloudPano site, and provide virtual tours to prospective buyers. 

Don’t lose out on another sale because buyers couldn’t view a property online and start using CloudPano ASAP! 

2. PropStream

Throughout 2020 the whole nation decided to move and the  housing market exploded causing houses to list and sell faster than you can say “deal!”

If you can’t make quick, data-informed decisions about where to find listings the number of houses you sell goes down. 

PropStream consolidates all of the data you need to make fast decisions in one place. 

Not to mention it cross-references county records with your MLS data so you can find off-market homeowners who are ready to sell. 

You can even use their mobile app to view a property, review the current homeowner situation, and send a direct mailer without the use of any other app or browser. 

If you know consolidated data will help you make faster decisions (and get more listings) visit PropStream’s website today! 

3. Endpoint 

The closing process always feels like a disorganized last-second scramble feast. And you want your clients to have a pleasant experience from listing all the way to closing! 

Endpoint streamlines the whole process, for all parties involved, by housing every task, document, and update in a single app. 

Instead of wildly searching for an email with a lost document, or hunting down a notary because your usual one is unavailable, Endpoint allows agents like you to enjoy a stress-free closing process.  

Imagine getting to focus on finding new listings and helping more clients sell their homes while your entire closing process happens via mobile phone. If you want to make your imagination a reality visit Endpoint’s website today! 

Don’t lose ground in your real estate hustle because you didn’t have PropTech tools pushing you to the cutting edge. Put any of these three tools to use and watch your listings soar while your clients enjoy their smoothest home selling process to date. 

And don’t forget at Phone Animal we’re in the business of helping sales agents like you do their job as best as possible. If what you really need is more time to market your services in the community and less time cold calling, schedule a demo with us! Our dedicated team of ISAs is ready to fill your pipeline with lists of warm leads ready to sell their home.