6 Of the Best Podcasts To Round Out Your Sales Skills

Learning from experience is great but it comes with a special brand of struggle. Use these six sales podcasts to level up your sales skills in less time, and earn more listings while experiencing less failure.

Christmas week is far from ripe with closing opportunities for real estate sales agents. 

All closing negotiations are stalled until the new year, or at least until after Christmas Day, and none of the contacts in the brokerage CRM want to hear a cold real estate pitch this close to the holiday break. 

Christmas week is an opportune time for agents to use the mix of holiday travel hours and leisure time to develop new and improved sales skills. With a new year and new closing deals looming, sales agents are behooved to focus on their deficits as a salesperson.

And use the following six podcasts to turn those deficits into unstoppable advantages.  

The Sales Gravy Podcast

For agents approaching sales development like an athlete approaching training The Sales Gravy Podcast with Jeb Blount is the go-to for an off season sales boot camp.

With decades of experience closing major deals and running his own sales enablement consultancy, Jeb teaches agents how to open more doors (literally), close bigger deals, and boost every commission check.   

Sales Success Stories With Scott Ingram

Any agent who thrives off of tailoring one person’s tactics to their own skillset should regularly tune into Sales Success Stories With Scott Ingram. 

Every guest is a hugely successful salesperson who shares the habits, books, and strategies they’ve used to level up their sales skills and their bottom line revenue year over year. 

The Ziglar Show 

There’s a reason Zig Ziglar’s legacy and wisdom have stood the test of time, and evolved after his death. Agents who are fans of Simon Sinek or Gary Vaynerchuk can get the same inspirational high through the Ziglar show’s professional development approach. 

Using Zig’s mission of helping people get what they want in life by serving others first, hosts Kevin Miller and Tom Ziglar discuss all things business development, professional sales, and servant leadership. 

The Sales Hacker Podcast

Sales agents who thrive by staying on the cutting edge of technology integrated sales would love a hefty dose of The Sales Hacker Podcast.

Instead of the usual habit stacking tips and fluff, Sales Hacker shares the latest tech tricks salespeople can use to enhance the customer experience at every stage of the buyer’s journey. 

Conquer Local

Many real estate agents hit a wall with sales advice because working with local homeowners and businesses requires a level of specific, local knowledge. 

Conquer Local is one of the only major podcasts highlighting the unique strategies local businesses and salespeople have to use to market their services and close the deal. 

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Some sales agents are deep generalists and can extract relevant advice from wildly irrelevant industries, stories, and information.

The Jordan Harbinger show is a must listen for deep generalist sales agents who can only focus if the conversation is stimulating, and have a knack for distilling long from conversations down to golden nugget sales wisdom. 

We could list off 20 more podcasts to dive into over the Christmas holiday but multiple sites have already done that. Please send us a DM if you’re one of the people who would listen to all 20. 

For those of you looking to go a mile deep and an inch wide though, give all six of these podcasts a try. In as little as two weeks you can get all of the sales enablement training you need to double your listings in 2021, delivered right to your earbuds.