How To Maximize Your Success In the Hottest Real Estate Markets

Are you working in one of the hottest real estate markets right now? Don't whiff on your chance to supercharge your career and put these quick tips to use today!

Real estate markets across the country have been booming for over 18 months now. Mortgage rates are settling at record lows, home valuations are going up, and the Great Regression has families moving cities at will. 

In the hottest markets like Boise, Austin, Provo, Denver, and Raleigh agents are helping local homeowners sell for almost 2x the original price!  

But believing the old, “If you build it they will come” adage is a fallacy for real estate agents when markets are hot. 

Sure, people may be moving to your city in droves but that doesn’t mean you’re on the cusp of quadrupling your listings and having the most lucrative year of your real estate career. 

Referrals aren’t going to come flooding in. 

Your phone isn’t going to ring off the hook. 

The calendar isn’t going to automatically book out. 

The question is, if your local market is heating up what are you doing to capitalize on it? 

If every agent in town is hustling, how are you going to outhustle and stand out from the flock of agents shaking hands, asking for meetings, and closing deals?  

A real estate market as scorching hot as the one we’re seeing right now, nationwide and especially in places like Boise, Austin, Provo, Denver, and Raleigh, can truly take an agent’s career to the next level. Here’s a few things agents like you can do to distinguish yourself and make sales instead of whiffing on referrals. 

Know the neighborhoods!

When small cities are booming (again Boise, Austin, Provo, Denver, Raleigh), there’s a trend toward certain neighborhoods becoming the hottest place to be. 

Before the market exploded some neighborhoods seemed sleepy and out of style, but when new people start trickling in they buy up cheaper housing and flip those neighborhoods into bustling, youthful metropolises. 

Know which neighborhoods are on the come up so you can help homeowners sell well above asking price, and be a part of helping your city grow. 

Eat, Shop, & Workout Local!

Wanna keep your finger on the pulse of your city’s real estate market? 

Imbed yourself in the places where locals gather to eat, shop, or get a workout in. Instead of being locked up in your office making cold calls at your cubicle, you can build relationships with people on a day-to-day basis. 

Then when it comes time to help people in the community sell their home you won’t be the unwelcomed stranger smilin’ and dialin’ from afar. 

You’ll be the familiar friend who's been buying coffee everyday, or going to the 5:45 pm workout class each week. 

And when so many outsiders are moving in, local homeowners will want to use an agent they know. 

Use Phone Animal’s ISAs

Time is of the essence when a real estate market is scorching hot, like it is right now. 

As necessary as cold calling and list building may seem in order to develop new deals may seem, it’s actually a detriment to your progress. The more time you spend list building the less time you spend out in the city actually developing relationships with homeowners! 

Our dedicated team of ISAs helps hundreds of agents make the best use of their time (and increase their listings) by cold calling neighborhoods on their behalf, and qualifying homeowners who are ready to sell. 

By the time an agent starts using the lists we build the chance of rejection is lower and the chance of closing is way higher. 

Make the most out of a hot real estate market by focusing your energy on homeowners who have expressed interest in selling, so you don’t get left behind in a wave of cold referrals!